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    The cab adopts frame structure, front single-curved glass, and the appearance design glass occupies 1/2 of the cab. The whole vision is improved. The vision on the operating platform is fully taken into account in the cab interior design, so that the operator can observe the angle of view of a working area 360 degrees in an all-round way, so as to ensure the safety and efficiency of construction. In addition, the rotatable and adjustable seat can also improve the comfort of the operator and effectively guarantee the safety of the surrounding workers.

    Main indicators:
    1. Shape size: 1750*2370*2000
    2. Noise limitation: <87dB(A)
    3. Rain-proof sealing meets QC/T476-2007 standard
    4. Combustion performance of interior trim conforms to QC/T8410-2006 standard
    5. Driver's visual field performance meets QC/T16937-2010 standard