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    The cab adopts a good ergonomics layout, which provides the operator with a wide vision and comfortable driving environment, and meets the requirements of FOPS operating room, ground isolation function of power supply and high temperature shutdown system of air compressor to escort the safe work of the operator. There are also reversing alarm, interlocking device, walking angle meter and Jack finger. Auxiliary safety devices, such as lights, guarantee your safety in all directions. All the main components are concentrated on one platform, and the optional oil fast service device can quickly connect the various oil systems.

    Main indicators:
    1. Size: 2240*1675*3000
    2. FOPS: Meeting GBT17771-2010 4.b Standard
    3. Noise limitation: <87dB(A)
    4. Rain-proof sealing meets QC/T476-2007 standard
    5. Combustion performance of interior trim conforms to QC/T8410-2006 standard