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    The cab's new appearance upgrade, streamlined appearance design and mold forming technology have enhanced the aesthetic sensibility and brand recognition of temporary loaders, and the advantages of appearance and competitors are more obvious. According to the new generation cab optimized by ergonomics, the cab's sealing and noise reduction performance has been improved, the indoor circulating air filtration system has been upgraded, and the space has also increased by 15%. It can further improve the overall comfort of the driving environment, and provide a more comfortable operating environment for the operators without vertigo dead angle.

    Main indicators:
    1. Size: 1525*1515*1697
    2. Noise Limit: <86dB(A)
    3. Rain-proof sealing meets QC/T476-2007 standard
    4. Driver's visual field performance meets QC/T16937-2010 standard
    5. Combustion performance of interior trim conforms to QC/T8410-2006 standard